Dark Side Of The Spoon - The Nitwitz (The Netherlands)

Label:Get Hip Records
Highlights:Landmine Heart
Bad Chemistry

Rating: 8/10

I first heard about The Nitwitz through guitarist Tony Slug’s and bassist Thumpin’ Theo’s involvement in The Hydromatics; one of my favourite bands. Dark Side Of The Spoon is the band’s comeback album as it turns out that The Nitwitz formed way back in 1978. Unfortunately I find this album to be a disappointment as not only is it a touch too hardcore for my liking but I also have to admit that I was expecting something a little more rock ‘n’ roll, especially knowing what Tony Slug is capable of. However, when The Nitwitz do decide to play straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll, such as in songs like Landmine Heart, Bad Chemistry and N.V.S., the results are impressive. I just wish that there were more songs in this vein instead of the more hardcore tracks like Fruitcakes and Superslob, which are pretty unpleasant and displeasing. Despite all this, one has to conclude that Dark Side Of The Moon still is an impressive album due to its uncompromising nature and powerful sound. It is sure to appeal to lovers of hard hitting punk rock or as The Nitwitz say, the mean spirit of downstroke-only chainsaw slug rock.

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